Earth Team - Moon Rack
Kim Anno
past grantees (2001 - 2013)

ALICE: Art and Literacy in Children's Education -
ALICE teaches literacy, celebrates cultural diversity, and strengthens community through the arts. ALICE was founded on the principle that the arts are essential to every child's learning and that all children deserve an arts-integrated education regardless of their racial, socio-economic, or ethnic background. OCF supported “In Praise of Soil,” a multicultural, multi-disciplinary community project.

Annemarie Baldauf -
Annemarie Baldauf will lead students in the creation of six, permanently installed mosaics on the outside of the gym at Riverview Middle School in Bay Point. Riverview was founded in 1956 and
is the only secondary school and gym in Bay Point, which is also used for community meetings
and events.

Arts Change -
Arts Change presents innovative and artistically significant exhibitions that support cultural interchange and expression among the diverse communities of Richmond, as well as forge a new artistic tradition between professional artists, health care workers and patients. OCF supported “Calle 23: Richmond Migration Stories,” youth-led investigations into the lasting effects of immigration/migration through the creation of screen-printed artwork.

Bay Area Youth Journalism -
Bay Area Youth Journalism’s Oaktown Teen Times is printed four times a year and has a circulation of 10,000, making it one of the largest student newspapers in the U.S. OCF supported “Share the Harvest,” including a Green Page for the paper, expanded gardens at Media Academy, Unity High School and Oakland High, as well as environmental literacy through news articles and events.

Berkeley Art Center -
Berkeley Art Center serves the diverse and creative community of Berkeley, through the presentation of visual art exhibitions, music performances and literary programs relevant to its unique community. OCF supported Paper Quilt Project: Collaborations in Contemporary Craft.

California College of the Arts -
OCF supported the California College of the Arts (CCA) 100 Families Oakland Project, an art and social change project that has engaged four Oakland neighborhoods since 2005. The program included tours of the Oakland Museum and weekly art classes in painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking and mask-making at a community location. Families selected a medium and embarked on a ten-week class in which they worked with art instructors to create new works. The OCF grant supported the work of families in West Oakland.

The Crucible -
The Crucible fosters a collaboration of arts, industry and community. Through training in fine and industrial arts, the Crucible promotes creative expression, reuse of materials, and innovative design, while serving as an accessible arts venue for the general public. OCF supported the Crucible's bike program, which offers free bike repairs to West Oakland residents and workshops where youth can earn a free bike.

DANCE MONKS is an experimental dance-art company committed to collaborating with artists of diverse disciplines to make pieces that explore cross-cultural connections, as well as the intimate relationship between people and nature. OCF supported GREEN, an environmental community dance project that integrated oral history excerpts from East Bay residents' reflections on the land with movement videos, and used a multigenerational cast of local East Bay residents as well as professional dancers. GREEN residencies and performances were held at Highland Elementary in Richmond and Green City Gallery in Berkeley.

Drew Cameron and Ehren Tool -

The Combat Paper Project utilizes art making workshops to assist veterans in reconciling and sharing their personal experiences, as well as broadening the traditional narrative surrounding service and the military culture. OCF provided support for Paper/Cups, a project repurposing donated military uniforms into paper through hands-on workshops and the Community of Veterans Engaged in Restoration (COVER) Project which facilitated papermaking workshops for veterans incarcerated in the San Francisco County Jail.

EarthTeam Environmental Network -
An environmental network for teens, teachers and youth leaders, EarthTeam brings environmental experiences that inspire dedication to a healthy environment into the classroom and the community. EarthTeam's projects range from replicable community service projects to restoration efforts that appeal to teens and meet the needs of teachers. OCF supported the creation of a Student Editorial Board and an expansion of The Green News, an online newsletter of youth perspectives on the environment and related social, economic and health issues.

Eastbay Center for Performing Arts -
The East Bay Center for Performing Arts engages youth and young adults through the inspiration and disciplines of rigorous training in world performance traditions. OCF supported a partnership with Leadership Public School to provide an after school theater program around environmental toxicity, gang violence and drugs.

El Cerrito Greenway Project - Baxter Creek,El Cerrito
OCF's grant enabled the El Cerrito Greenway Project to bring together neighbors, artists, students and local Baxter Creek activists to develop a community-based vision for the site. This collaborative project resulted in construction and landscaping that honored the location and protected the environment.

Friends of Golden Gate Library -
Friends of Golden Gate Library was established to keep enrichment programs alive at the Golden Gate library. The Golden Gate Branch was one of the first neighborhood libraries to be established by the City of Oakland in 1899. OCF supported the Summer Jazz series.

Friendship House Association of American Indians, Inc. -
OCF supported Friendship House's East Bay Cultural Education program to connect American Indian youth with traditional culture including dance and drumming classes.

Habitot Children's Museum -
Habitot Children’s Museum provides early childhood learning and exploration, parent education and community connection to the more than 60,000 annual visitors. OCF supports “Art for Earth’s Sake,” providing children 0-5 opportunities to create art using natural materials to reflect their growing appreciation and awareness of the earth and will be featured in a Community Art Show at sites throughout the Bay Area.

Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center -
The Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center is a wetland ecology facility located in Alameda County and operated by the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District. For more than 22 years, the Center has provided programs for local schoolchildren about the natural and cultural history of the San Francisco Bay - Estuary. OCF supports the 2009 Children's Bay Trail Art Contest and Exhibit, which raises awareness of the Bay Trail and the plants and animals supported by the Bay in order to preserve for future generations.

"Heart of the Labyrinth" (HEARTH) -
HEARTH explores the intersection of family, community, art, education, horticulture, ecology and the urban landscape. HEARTH nurtures the environment by utilizing art as a tool for social change and justice. OCF supports programming at Bridges Academy at Melrose.

HerPic Performances -
OCF supported choreographic works by HerPic Performances, a Berkeley-based dance/theatre company led by Artistic Director, Irva Hertz-Picciotto, with a history of performing choreographic work in the natural world. Among a series of spring 2008 dances in the parks, HerPic Performances collaborated with East Bay Regional Parks in performances of In Praise of Insects and Water, Water Everywhere at Tilden Park in a program related to the Park's watershed hikes.

Hugh Livingston for Sound & Place Oakland: Hidden Creeks -
Artists will explore real and imagined sounds of the creeks and streams of Oakland, almost entirely hidden in underground culverts. Oral histories and recordings of flowing water will be collected into a web archive. OCF supports Sound & Place Oakland: Hidden Creeks mapping and outreach efforts.

Jake Schoneker - Media Enterprise Alliance -
Jake Schnoker, a filmmaker and media artist, produced 3 short films in collaboration with local spoken word poets, musicians, and students participating in Media Enterprise Alliance at Oakland's MetWest high school. Media Enterprise Alliance provides high school students with the opportunity to study media arts with a focus on video production. OCF supported the creation and production of” Muse Video: Inspiring Climate Action and Education.”

John Muir Elementary -
John Muir Elementary serves a diverse cross section of the Berkeley population, with more than 50% of the students who qualify for free or reduced lunch. OCF supported the Girls Outdoors Club, helping girls improve their connection to natural environments.

Junior Center of Art and Science -
The Junior Center of Art and Science has served children for more than 55 years. OCF supports “Shared Spaces,” encouraging children’s appreciation and advocacy of the birds and wildlife found in Lakeside Park.

KALA Art Institute -
EcoVillage Farm Learning Center is a place where urban residents of all cultural backgrounds feel welcome and come to learn through (participatory) “mind/hands on” activities how to restore and protect Mother Earth and her people. Lauren Elder is an award-winning visual artist, college instructor and self-described community “activator.” She is working at EcoVillage Farm. OCF supported Wilkie Creek Watershed: A learning lab at EcoVillage Farm.

Kim Anno -
Kim Anno is a painter, photographer, and video artist. OCF supported "Men and Women In Water Cities," a work in progress that utilizes volunteer actors from different school around the world to convey the conditions and challenges of life in port cities in a post-sea level rise society.

Lana Husser - EarthTeam Environmental Network
Lana Husser is a multimedia artist and educator, who will guide 12 middle school and high school students in art projects, including community murals, a metal art bench welding project, digital comic books, and video documentaries. OCF supported her work on the Richmond Greenway Green Screen project, which trains Richmond-based teenagers in filming / editing / welding / painting skills, as well as deepens their understanding of the role of the Greenway in their community.

EcoVillage Farm Learning Center -
EcoVillage Farm Learning Center is a place where urban residents of all cultural backgrounds feel welcome and come to learn through (participatory) “mind/hands on” activities how to restore and protect Mother Earth and her people. Lauren Elder is an award-winning visual artist, college instructor and self-described community “activator.” She is working at EcoVillage Farm. OCF supported Wilkie Creek Watershed: A learning lab at EcoVillage Farm.

Navarette x Kajiyama Dance Theater -
Navarrete x Kajiyama creates interdisciplinary performance works using movement, theater, art installation, multimedia, and site-specific environments. Their work has been influenced by ritual, cultural studies, and the political and environmental concerns of the world in which we live. OCF supported BAILOUT!, a project which is a site-specific, multi-disciplinary performance work that considers how we cope in the face of catastrophic environmental disasters.

Life Academy High School - 2111 International Blvd., Oakland, CA 94606
A small autonomous High School within the Oakland Unified School District, Life Academy offers three-week intensive courses between regular semesters. OCF's grants supported Inner-City Outings (a Sierra Club organization) to offer two programs for students. One program offered day hikes and a four-day backpacking trip. Another course called "The Great Outdoors" combined hiking, camping, health education, artistic expression, team building, and environmental studies. As part of this program, each student produced a personal portfolio of their experiences to share with family and friends.

Oakland Asian Cultural Center -
OACC builds vibrant communities through Asian and Pacific Islander American (APIA) arts and culture programs that foster intergenerational and cross-cultural dialogue, cultural identity, collaborations, and social justice. OCF supports Tai Chi Chats: Conversations about community redevelopment in Oakland Chinatown and the creation of oral history exhibits featuring video and a memory map.

Oakland Based Urban Gardens -
OBUGS builds healthy communities through neighborhood gardens. OCF supported OBUGS' Youth Landscaping Training Program, which incorporates ecological principles and design basics.

Oakland High School - 1023 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland, CA 94610
A grant from OCF supported the “Beautiful Struggle” mural project. Social commentary murals will be raised at Oakland High School addressing the United Nations' Millennium Development goals including: the eradication of poverty and hunger, the achievement of universal primary education, the promotion of gender equality and the creation of environmental sustainability. Images capture hope and possibility by illustrating the works of Nobel Laureates who have addressed some of the most pressing issues of our times.

Oakland International High School - 4521 Webster St., Oakland CA 94609
A new small Oakland public school, Oakland International High School is designed to meet the academic and social needs of recently arrived immigrants. OCF supported Beat Circus Theater performing arts program.

Ohlone Cultural & Natural History Greenway Project
Beside the BART tracks in North Berkeley, along the Ohlone Greenway, the East Bay's cultural and natural history unfolds through a series of murals and art installations. The first grant focused on the East Bay's agricultural history through an educational exhibit, steel wrought cows and tractor-seat benches under pear trees. The second grant focused on the Ohlone of the East Bay that yielded an installation incorporating a range of symbols representing the Ohlone way of life and culture.

Our Oakland: Eastside Stories -
Oakland Speaks: Eastside Stories is an integrated public art project that will beautify the new East Oakland Community Library through an architectural art glass installation and create a related permanent digital archive of community stories told by residents through photos, videos, and recorded narratives. OCF supports the web archive of stories and outreach.

Patricia Bulitt -
OCF supported Under The Wing, a major work around Lake Merritt including a floating platform featuring Patricia Bulitt and Four Postcards, a site specific dance with a commissioned musician.

Peralta Elementary School (Trena Noval and Ellen Oppenheimer) -
Through a collaboration with artists in residence Trena Noval and Ellen Oppenheimer, Peralta students studied the environment with a focus on stewardship and community sustainability. OCF supported Peralta’s School Environmental Stewardship program.

Peralta Hacienda Historical Park -
Peralta Hacienda Historical Park is a green haven in the center of the Fruitvale neighborhood. Their mission is to promote understanding, historical healing and community amid change and diversity. OCF supported Project S.O.S. (Sharing Oakland’s Stories), a digital storytelling program for high school students in Oakland.

PLACE for Sustainable Living -
PLACE is a public-serving, experiential learning center to showcase and foster sustainable living practices, urban homesteading, community resiliency & preparedness, social justice and artistic expression. OCF supported A Place Through and To Nature.

Richard Lang & Judith Selby Lang -
Artists Richard Lang & Judith Selby Lang have collected beach plastic detritus for a variety of artworks and installations to educate and demonstrate the ubiquity of plastic waste in the oceans. They will display image and text panels from “Disposable Truths,” a traveling exhibition, at the Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center in September 2009 to coincide with California Coastal Cleanup Day. OCF supported a public conversation with the artists, a hands-on workshop and follow up reception.

Richmond Art Center -
The Richmond Art Center is a dynamic arts organization that empowers and transforms individuals and the community through creative exploration, experience and education. OCF supported the Richmond Art Center which has recently showcased work by emerging and established Bay Area artists, including Richard Diebenkorn, Jasper Johns, Jay Defeo, Wanxin Zhang, Tom Marioni, Enrique Chagoya and Hung Liu.

Richmond Mapping Project - |
“Soul of the City” artist Christopher Castle collaborated with a variety of Richmond residents and students interested in the Baxter Creek watershed. This collaborative effort produced a richly layered cultural and physical history of Baxter Creek as well as a ten-foot-by-ten-foot map of Richmond with its sea-way connections to the Bay and the Carquinez Strait. This map is located in the Arts' Disability Center in Richmond where residents were invited and enabled to work on the map.

River of Words -
River of Words is an international education program that promotes watershed awareness and ecological literacy through art and poetry. This intergenerational public education pilot project engages young people and elders in an exploration of the Bay-Delta estuary, looking specifically at the Codornices Creek watershed. The project uses science, geography, history, culture as well as art and poetry to engage participants.

Rock Paper Scissors Collective -
Rock Paper Scissors Collective is an Oakland arts and craft collective and volunteer-run community space, where people of all skill levels share sustainable practices and alternative models, and exhibit, sell and learn about arts and crafts. OCF supported Community Collaborations, connecting the arts community and larger non-arts community in Oakland to make arts accessible to all people and promote creative resourcefulness in underserved communities.

RYSE Center Mural Project -
RYSE is a safe and welcoming center for diverse West Contra Costa youth that builds youth power and leadership towards personal and community health and transformation. Grounded in social justice, RYSE provides comprehensive and holistic programming and promotes multi-racial, cross-cultural relationships.

Satellite Housing Inc. -
Satellite Housing is a non-profit affordable housing provider formed collaboratively in 1966 by ecumenical and multi-racial community groups concerned about the housing needs of low-income seniors in the East Bay. Now serving 1,400 residents in over 1,300 units, Satellite's twentieth community, Helios Corner, on the corner of Sacramento and University in Berkeley, provides 80 units of affordable senior housing. OCF supported the installation of artist Juana Alicia's "Wisdom of Elders/Huehuetlatoli" ceramic tile mural project, a beautification project depicting the natural elements and community members from diverse cultures.

Sculpture from Recycled Plastic Toys
Through classroom visits at Emerson Elementary School in Berkeley, artist Sofie Siegmann explores making a sculpture out of recycled plastic toys with students. The students learn to think like artists as they research how plastic is made and the problems associated with recycling it. They design, title and make a sculpture out of recycled materials that they can then take home. Critical thinking is encouraged as the students discuss the material world (what children play with around the globe) and make a field trip to the Transfer Station in San Leandro. The sculpture from recycled plastic toys will be installed for Earth Day on April 14th at the Education Center/Transfer Station in San Leandro.

Temescal Flows (Alan Leon) -
The Temescal Flows mural project evokes a convergence of the watershed and creek system that is the natural history of the area. OCF supported Phase 3 of the permanent art project located at the 52nd St/Hwy 24 underpass between Shattuck & MLK Way.

Tinkers Workshop -
This Berkeley organization provides mentoring, teaching, as well as tools in an eclectic array of media including bicycle repair, sewing and creative electronics. Other innovative programs involve using found objects to build musical instruments, sewing workshops using specialized industrial equipment, and projects focusing on alternative energy sources for transportation. They also offer boat-building and repair, experiments with marine technology, alternative energy (wind and solar power), and a youth-run boat-rental business.

Urban Creeks Council Of California -
OCF gave support to East Bay muralist STEFEN to paint a mural celebrating Codornices Creek, San Francisco Bay, and Hetch Hetchy Valley. The mural is approximately 300 square feet and is located on Kaines Street between Harrison (Berkeley) and Dartmouth (Albany). The mural site overlooks a new low-income housing project, a bit of Codornices Creek, and a vacant lot. The creek and lot are slated for restoration to become a pocket-park.

VALA (Visual Arts /Language Arts) -
Working with public school children and their teachers in Oakland, Berkeley and Richmond, VALA's uses the arts to overcome cultural barriers among children from different ethnic backgrounds and to improve their language arts skills. In addition, VALA provides teachers with professional development opportunities that enable them to infuse the arts into the Open Court curriculum.

Zach Pine Nature Sculpture -
OCF supported Art to Action on Codornices Creek with children of the Ursula Sherman Village. Environmental artist, Zach Pine, in partnership with environmental educator, Susan Schwartz, lead homeless children living at the Ursula Sherman Village in a series of hands-on art-making events on the banks of nearby Codornices Creek. Children learned basic facts about the creek and visited areas that have undergone a range of restoration efforts. Exploring the ecosystem, they made temporary art installations along the creek using natural materials found on site.